The mistress named the sea


At times she offers hope and is a source of life,
Yet sometimes she’s a murderer and offers only strife.
In the face of such a power nothing can withstand,
She offers angry hugs, crashing with the land.

Her mood changes quickly, it ebbs and it flows,
Year upon year her strength seems to grow.
Yet her fickle nature always remains the same,
Impossible to predict, impossible to tame.

Her mite and strength are rivalled by none,
The pace of her movement cannot be outrun.
Her want and her will, cannot be defied,
Her arms reach everywhere, it’s impossible to hide.

Yet on a good day she’s pretty, she’s kind,
She leaves little treasures there for you to find,
Her gentle kisses peck at the coast,
Yet quickly she changes to an unfriendly host.

She thunders through the streets leaving death in it’s path,
Forcing buildings, animals and humans to buckle under her wrath.
Her power and determination tears lives apart,
It flows with endless anger, constant like a heart.

Occasionally her emotions reach levels not seen before,
And in to our lives her salty tears pour.
Reminding us of her power, her unflattering will,
Leaving behind not treasures but leaving behind her kill.
All in a flash her tantrum changes the world,
In to a disaster. we fragile souls are hurled.

In memory of those that died in the tsunami.

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