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I approach handbag shopping in the same way that one approaches finding a partner and I expect as much from my handbag as I do from any man. I want reliability, strength of character, honesty and something upon which I can lay my trust, so it takes me a lot of effort to find the perfect everyday handbag.

So recently, armed with my bank card, willpower and a bucket load of determination, I set out in search of a new handbag and this was the result of my endeavour.

Ladies and Gents say hello to my latest fashion baby.

Ain’t she pretty?

I love every area of my life to be perfectly organised, detailed in a spreadsheet and colour co-ordinated to an inch of its life but when it comes to handbags I am the complete opposite. Bags with pockets annoy me, bags with too many internal zips frustrate me and I always look for loose, non-structured type shapes. So I knew this was the perfect choice from the second I laid my eyes upon it.

This gorgeous Kurt Geiger bag was a steal at just £59.00 (retail outlet) and since adding it to my collection it has been a staple on my everyday outfits. The inside is completely open plan, no pockets, no zips and no fuss but the pretty gold detailing adds enough class to make it look a bit special. The material feels durable (time will tell) but yet soft and delicate in that perfect handbag way.

So while the hunt for the perfect man still goes on, the hunt for the perfect handbag? Done.

What sort of handbags do you like?


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