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These days choosing a foundation is a tricky business with every brand offering a number of options and every need catered for. The high-street has emerged as our skin perfecting saviour and while the luxury brands still offer lustworthy products, the high-street has become a savvy and justified competitor, offering quality alternatives for the penny conscious consumer.

Yet while we now have two markets from which to choose our staple beauty bits, certain brands are far better than others with foundation being an incredibly personal choice. So if your looking for a new foundation and want to ensure that you get the best one for your personal needs then look no further because this is my foundation purchasing guide.

The best barely there, yet high coverage foundation // NARS Creamy Concealer (£22.00, Selfrdiges) Ok, so this might be cheating because it’s not technically a foundation but hear me out first. This gorgeous creamy (eh obviously Kay?) concealer is perfect for hiding those pesky blemishes and applied sparingly it provides the perfect natural basis. It’s ideal for a busy girl (all of us then) because once applied it blends seamlessly and banishes those spots for a few hours. It offers the perfect coverage but allows the skin to breath, giving your spots a chance to clear and heal. I love using this to achieve a barely there look, applying it directly to any problem area’s and blending outwards accordingly.

The best all rounder // Flower Flower BB Cream (£12.98, Walmart) Alas I’m almost out of this beautiful BB cream and as you can see above it’s not exactly the easiest product to get hold of, a major pity considering how heavenly it is. This BB cream offers incredible coverage, while also boosting the skin and the shade range is perfect for the fairer skinned lady (something I personally struggle with). I find that it blends to the skin like a dream and even’s out my skin tone, creating the perfect canvass for the rest of my make-up. I’m visiting America next month and I’ll be on a mission to pick up at least 1 of these bad boys.

The best of the luxury foundations // Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (£33.00, Selfridges) Over the last two years I’ve tried a quite few higher end foundations and while many have left me feeling incredibly disappointed (I naturally expect bigger things when I pay more) one has remained on the top. Yup, I’ve raved and raved about this foundation and while it is definitely on the higher end of the price spectrum, it is worth every single penny. It’s dewy almost watery consistency ensures seamless blending and it’s finish is natural, adding a subtle lift to the skin. It’s coverage is mild to medium but it works wonders on the overall complexion and is an instant confidence boaster. So if your looking to invest your hard earned pennies in a foundation that’s worth it’s salt, this is the one. My full review is here.

What’s your favourite foundation?


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