The 90’s TAG

the 90s tag

I’ve seen this TAG floating around the internet for a while and seeing as I am a 90s kid myself, I thought it would be fun to do! I was born in 1990 so had my childhood during those wonder years. I love thinking about my childhood and feeling all nostalgic, so this is the perfect excuse to do get in to that time traveling zone!

I am going to tag my bestie and fellow 90’s child, Sam!

Favourite Diseny original movie!

During the 90s, when I was a little girl, I loved Mulan, Snow White and the Little Mermaid and at different times, different one’s would have been my “favourite”. However since I started writing my own poetry and seeing songs as a form of poetry, I have developed a major soft spot for Beauty and the Beast, simply because I love the song. My favourite line has to be “barely even friends, then somebody bends, unexpectedly”. Sigh, so pretty. Check out the picture below, all of these are currently in my bedroom!! (The little Belle actually twirls and plays the theme song.)

90s tag

Favourite music artist?

I’ve read (and watched) a few of these posts now and the answer is always the same, the Spice Girls. Readers I am unashamed to admit that I too was in love with the Spice Girls! Like most people I had all the albums, all the merchandise and I always remember me and my cousin pretending to be them, I was always Geri FYI!

I was also lucky enough to meet them, an experience that I will honestly never forget and not just because of the wardrobe malfunction! In order to get in to the VIP area we had to wear this pink stickers and my aunt stick mine on my top, only to realise that they needed to be on our coats. I was wearing a black top that said “Posh Spice” but when we met Mrs VB herself, my top said “Osh Spice”, hence in the pictures below I am trying to cover my top! Awkward Turtle moment!

Posh spiveemma

Favourite Nickelodeon Show?

We didn’t have sky when I was little so I don’t think that I can really answer this!

Favourite candy?

I used to love the push pop sweets and I always get excited when I see them in the shops!

Favourite game?

I LOVED dream phone when I was growing up.

Favourite McDonalds toy?

If I remember correctly at some point in time McDonalds did these little Barbie dolls and I used to think they were pretty cool.

Favourite book?

You know by now guys and you know that I LOVE my books and growing up I was no different! I have ALWAYS loved Jaqueline Wilson’s books and I honestly believe that she is one of the best author’s in the world. The first book I read was the Suitcase kid and from then on I was hooked and up until the age of 14/15, I had read all of her books. Her books are always written in a way that’s relate-able, humorous but they also deal with incredibly important issues and no two are ever the same. Again I met her at a book signing once and she is really sweet and always a role model for me.

I also loved the Mary-Kate and Ashley books, especially the Two of a Kind series and I had all of them when I was growing up.

Favourite store?

Tammy Girl.

What did you used to watch when you got home from school?

Sabrina, Two Of A Kind, Sister Sister, Saved by the Bell and I loved Keenan and Kel!! In the early nineties when I was very little I also loved Barney and ashamedly still know all the words to the song. I love you, you love me…..

Favourite TV show?

See above.

Favourite toys?

My initial reaction was to say my Barbie dolls but the more I thought about it, the more toys I began to remember and one quick google has got me feeling all excited and nostalgic! Let me know if you remember any of these!

buble ballcupcake dollssky dancers

Favourite adverts?

I honestly can’t think of any!

Nsync V Backstreet Boys?

In all honesty I can’t say that I really liked either of these, but if I had to pick I would say the Backstreet Boys. Alongside the Spice Girls I also loved A1, Steps, BWitched and S Club.

Weirdest trends?

Pretty  much all the trends of the 90s were odd!! These two definitely win…

kort ufo pant

Favourite Collectable?

Beanie Babies!!!

Let me know what your answer to these questions are and put a link below if you do this tag?

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