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In the fashion and beauty world a year is a long time and it’s fair to say that it comes with numerous beauty developments and discoveries. I find this equally frustrating and exciting as it means the ever changing chance to reinvent your look but also comes with considerable expense, which some of us cannot really afford. Yet every year I find myself shaking up my make-up routine and in the process finding new products to add to my ever growing “must have” list.

This year was no exception and along the way I rediscovered and discovered a number of beauty gems. So a drumroll please (click here for sound effects) as I present my 2014 beauty awards!

The primer.  I’m someone that really values a decent quality primer because my make-up has somehow gained a cloak of invisibility and has the amazing ability to be there one minute and gone the next. In the past it’s fair to say that I have found a few decent primer products (the L’Oreal Studio Secrets Primer my all time fave) but I am always on the look out for new and exciting additions. This year I discovered the Max Factor Face Finity and must admit that it is definitely worthy of this coveted award. This primer definitely helped my make-up last and assisted my foundation is creating a smoothed, barely there finish. Since discovering this beauty in May, I have used it every single day and still hold it very dear. Primer perfection, Max Factor I salute you. (Full review here).

Foundation.  This was the hardest category of all because this year I definitely had a bit of a foundation revolution, discovering several amazing foundations and rediscovering a few others. However in the end it came down to my two most used beauties and due to some clever wangling by myself (even if I do say so) I was able to award one in a separate category and I was therefore left with an easy verdict. This year I have been loving the L’Oreal True Match foundation in shade ivory and at the moment it’s my favourite high street foundation. It’s perfectly pigmented formula ensures it sits gently on the skin, avoiding the “caked on” effect and looking as natural as the skin you were born with. Considering it’s a really watery, light foundation, the coverage is pretty unprecedented and it manages to last for about 5-6 hours. Yet if I combine this and the previous winner, I end up with an all day perfect skin outcome. This is high street at it’s best.

Bronzer. If you’re a regular reader or one of my amazing subscribers then you can probably predict this answer because it’s something that I consistently mention. All in all I am definitely a bronzing kinda girl and regularly picking a bronzer over a blush. This year Soap and Glory had a bit of a moment in my collection and at one stage my “current make-up” shelf largely reflected the Soap and Glory counter in Boots. Yet while some of these products later fell to the wayside, one in particular reined supreme and has since become a staple of my everyday routine. That’s right, you probably guessed it, it’s the Soap and Glory Wonderbronze. This beautiful little delight does everything that a bronzer should and is definitely a worthy winner. It has just the right amount of shimmer and adds life to any complexion, perfect for a day to day pick me up. This product can be summed up in one simple but apt word (channelling my inner Sheen here) winner. (Full review here).

Lips. The Chinese are really on to something with the whole naming the year after an animal tradition and if my year was to be named after a loved beauty product, 2014 would definitely be the year of the lip. Growing up I was always an eyeshadow kinda girl but since starting this blog I have definitely been converted to the wonder of the lipstick. For me 2014 was all about the lip candy and I definitely stumbled upon a number of pretty little numbers but my absolute fave was definitely the Rimmel Provocalips in little minx. These are bad boys are the real deal, they add an amazing pop of colour and the two step solution ensures that they last all day. They are an absolute bargain and I intend to pick up the rest of the collection in the coming days. (Full review here).

The worth the pennies product. So you guys know me well by now and you all know that I am definitely a drugstore/ high street kind of girl, but occasionally I make an investment purchase and when I do I have a tendency to be wowed. This year was the year I discovered Chanel beauty and with it their adored Chanel Vitalumiere foundation. This foundation is the real deal and is definitely worth every penny. (Full review here).

So for those mascara, eyeliner or brow lovers out there you might notice that these categories are significantly absent from the awards. The truth is that I was concerned the post would become too long is I had included ALL the make-up categories and therefore decided to cut it down to size.

So that’s it, the end of the 2014 beauty awards but to finish I really want to know what beauty items you have been loving in 2014? Or what products you would award the above awards to?

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