Taking time away from the net?


So it’s bank holiday weekend and that means it’s officially ok to take some time off, to sit back, relax and enjoy doing absolutely nothing.

But how many of us really do that?

We live in a world where we are constantly connected to technology and the world, barely able to escape the work email because they come through on our phones. In a world as reliant on technology as we are, how do you actually escape for a little while?

Well this weekend I have been trying to do just that and these are the steps I’ve taken to ensure I get some quiet time.

Logging out of my social media // I find it really hard not to check my social media accounts, it’s almost like a kind of habit and I find myself checking them without even realising it. I can do this numerous times a hour, literally without even realising. This weekend I decided that it was time to kick the habit so to speak, so I logged out of my social media platforms and I won’t be logging back in until Tuesday.

Writing things with pen and paper // I use my Macbook for literally everything and in some ways I think I rely on it far too much. This weekend I’m going to exercise my writing skills, not using a keyboard and a software programme but using a good old fashioned pen and paper.

Practicing mindfulness and living in the moment // I am so bad about dwelling on things that are coming up or in the near future and as a result I don’t really live in the moment. This week I plan to switch off, really enjoy what I chose to do and live in the moment.

Do more of the things I love // I love reading, I love watching films and I love writing so this weekend I’m going to fill my time with those.

Routine // I am desperate to get in to a routine to help me be more productive so this weekend, I’m going to practice this routine and try to train my body to do it naturally.

How do you switch off?

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