Surviving a break up


Hey everyone, how are you?

I really enjoy writing my “Top Tip” posts, I guess I just like playing Agony Aunt, and today I am bringing you another of these bad boys. Today I am going to be offering my “Top Tips” on surviving a break-up.

I’m not writing this in relation to anything that has happened recently, I’ve been happily single for some time now, but in the past I have been through three very hard break-ups. I’m not an expert on relationships (the just mentioned track record clearly proves my point, hey?) but I do think that my experience has taught me some very important lessons. I like sharing, so now I’m going to share this knowledge with you!

1.    Completely sever all ties! Perhaps you have decided to be friends and feel that this step is completely unnecessary, it’s not and skipping this step will only lead to bad things. Delete his/her number, delete them on facebook/twitter…this may feel really difficult but it will help in the long run. The truth is that life will go on for that person, and seeing this on their facebook feed will not help you to feel better but it WILL make you feel awful, and hurt

 a.    Facebook, the best or worst thing to ever happen to social media, but it can definitely make break-ups even harder. Try your best not to continuously check their profile because it will hurt when you see something you don’t like, and at some point you will see something that you don’t

b.    That said, don’t delete all the pictures! One day you might want to look at them. Perhaps hide them away somewhere, and definitely allow yourself sometime before you look at them again.

c.    As hard as it is, this also means no contact whatsoever, unless you have a really good excuse (a child or an emergency of a sort) completely stop communication! Have a friend or family member that you can text when you feel tempted!

2.  Let it all out, don’t pretend that you’re ok when you’re not and have a good cry if you need too! It’ll be far better to let it all out at the start than not be able to get over them in the long run!

a.    Do things that make you feel better, whatever that be! For me it’s a bottle of wine and film with some friends, followed by a good cry! I then like to have a lovely bath on my own and let it all out.

3.    Don’t pretend things were better than they were which a really easy thing to do. We’ve all been there, a relationship ends and we idolise how things were in our head, forgetting all the bad things that happened. This is only natural, and it rings true with the saying “you only know what you had when it’s gone”, but remember if it wasn’t working then you were right to end it!

a.    Make a list of the reasons you shouldn’t be with that person, and look at this whenever you need too. This is for your eyes only, so be as brutal as you want to be!

What’s your “Top Tips” on surviving a break-up?

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  • Fab advice! It really does feel like the end of the world to the person it’s happening to, but when it’s happening to a friend for example, you know that person is worth so much more and deserves to be happy! If only we could make the person realize eh? xx