Sunday Sitdown- The lesson we should all learn…


I learned something about myself this week, something that I wish I’d understood a long time ago, something that has changed my life overnight. Literally overnight as a matter of fact as it was during a bout of insomnia during the early hours that said realisation finally came to me. It’s simple, it’s something that you probably all already know but nonetheless for me it was earth shaking.

I realised that I deserve more than what I have been giving myself. I deserve more than I have been prepared to settle for. In a relationship sense, I deserve more than the men in my life have ever been prepared to give me. Recently I’ve repeatedly been made to feel like the “other girl”, the girl that men have fun with but are never prepared to commit to. This week I finally and fully believed in the above statements, I deserve more than this.

When I think back over the last few weeks, the way I have been acting and the way I have also been treated, I think I was beginning to develop this attitude and finally I’ve reached the end point. People expected me to accept what they were offering, to settle for what they were prepared to give and me, not in the best way imaginable, pushed and pushed for them to realise what a part of me already knew. I’m pretty certain my subconscious definitely knew it but I needed my whole being to understand it absolutely for it to really matter.

It’s given me a knew attitude towards myself, my life and my relationships and from this point forward I intend to make it a guiding light for how I live my life. I’ve set myself five new rules based on this new principle and from now on, I think you should too.

  1. If I work for it, if I set my mind to it, then I deserve the life that I want to lead.
  2. I deserve to be loved 100%, to be committed to and not to be made to feel as if I am worth anything less.
  3. I deserve to be treated well and that includes how I treat myself.
  4. I deserve and I will change the world.
  5. I deserve to enjoy the life that I chose to lead.

What rules do you live by?


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