Sunday Sitdown- kicking anxiety to the curb


It’s been ages since my anxiety has really affected my life but for reasons that I don’t really want to discuss on here, lately I’ve been really having a bit of a hard time. For a few days last week my anxiety was crippling, it was back to its very worst and even getting out of bed in the morning felt like a chore but over the last two days I really feel like a battle has finally been won.

However I reached a point where I just decided to give up, enough was enough and I was fed up of sitting around, feeling sorry for myself and allowing my anxiety to literally destroy certain parts of my life. So I took the time to create myself a bit of a toolkit, a notebook filled with challenging questions, coping strategies and just somewhere for me to generally clear my head. It’s just a little Moleskin and it’s perfect because it fits perfectly in my handbag and oh, what a difference it has made. Despite the anxious thoughts and feelings still being there, for the first time in my life I actually feel equipped to deal with it.

Seeing as I initially set up this blog to offer my thoughts and advise on mental health and then it kind of developed in to a beauty, lifestyle and anything-I-fancy blog, I thought I would revert to it’s original purpose and offer some advice on how I’ve finally made these changes! I guess when you consider that 1 in 4 people now admit to suffering with a mental heath issue at some point in their lives, this blog could prove quite useful!

  1. Distractions/ something you enjoy– it’s an age old suggestion and for me, it’s something that’s really hit or miss, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Yet when it does work, it can really do the job, pushing anxious thoughts to the back of your mind and instead focussing on something else. For me it’s the guilty pleasures that work- watching trashy TV shows, watching youtube videos, et all.
  2. Be forceful- this is something that I have really been using this week and probably the thing that’s made the biggest difference to my anxiety. It’s really simple when you get used to it, you just tell yourself no. Keep repeating it until it sticks, “no that’s not right”, “no I am not letting this happen again”…..
  3. Positivity- I am sure that you worries out there will understand this, when worry about worrying and you keep telling yourself that you can’t get through the anxiety or can’t do whatever it is that your worrying about worrying about. If your reading this and don’t suffer with anxiety, the last sentence probably confused you, well imagine being us! Over the last few days I have made a massive effort to change this cycle, telling myself that I can and indeed I have got through it in the past.
  4. Learning to reassure myself- I am a massively addicted to reassurance, I rely on it, I live for it but ultimately it has a really negative impact on my life. This week I have started to learn how to reassure myself and while I’m not fully there yet, I am on my way and it feels good!

What advise would you add?


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