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Since I started this blog earlier this year, it’s scope and identity has changed significantly, and I have been experimenting with a number of different aspects and themes.  Having been using this blog for about 5 months now, I finally feel that I have found my little gap in the blogging world, and wanted to share with you what you can expect from my blog and youtube channel over the coming weeks.


  • I am not going to have any specified day for everything, because I’ve found that doesn’t work for me, but I will be blogging daily (aside from Saturday).
  • I am keen to start using my blog for personal development as well as fashion and beauty, and I will therefore be setting myself a challenge (related to my goals) or anxieties each week). I am really interested in fashion, but lack of monies has meant that I haven’t had the time to invest in this part of my blog but from now on I will be doing a lot more fashion related blogs!
  • Each Sunday I will be posting two posts (these will probably be the only posts aside from Friday favourites that are on a specified day). The first post will be a general round up of the week that has past, a reflection post in many ways, and I will talk a bit about the challenge that I have set myself. In the second post, I will talk about the videos and posts that you can expect in the coming weeks, and also the challenge that I have set myself.
  • This year my blog is going to have a self-development/organisation theme. I am also keen to add more of a fashion focus to my blog and I will uploading a lot more OOTD’s. My product reviews also seem to be pretty popular, and I really love doing these, so you can expect more of these!


  • I will be uploading every Tuesday and Friday.
  • I have just re subscribed to Glossybox and Birchbox UK too, so I am intending on doing some unboxing videos! I love these videos!
  • I will be doing reviews, hauls, favourites and TAGS. Eventually I am hoping to get in to doing a few tutorials and get ready with me’s, but I want to build up my confidence on camera first. I will also do a few Vlogs.

Let me know what you like seeing on my blog and if there is anything that you would like me to do in particular?

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