Sunday SitDown- 5th January 2014

Hello everyone, how are you?

Welcome to one of my new weekly features! In this post I am going to be looking back on the week passed, at the mistakes and achievements that I have made, and the progress towards my goals. I guess this post is for me more than you, but I hope you like it nonetheless.

Favourite picture of the week…


(Taken by Mark Lewis for the BBC. This is the aftermath of the high tides that battered Aberystwyth on Friday night. I went to university in Aber, and because of the incredible experience that I had there, it’s very close to my heart. These images really shocked me and while I can’t say I like the picture, it is the one I have thought about most this week.)

Thoughts on the week passed…

The Festive season is now well and truly over for another year and tommorrow life gets back to normal, back to work in the office. I am really lucky to have a job that I really love and this definitely makes going back to work easier, but I still feel a bit blue that Christmas, and the magic, it brings is over.

I feel happy to be in a New Year though, and am really happy that I now have a set of goals that I want to work towards in the coming months.

Blog RoundUp…

YouTube RoundUp…

Goal Progress….

  • Blog- So I have been blogging daily as always, and I have a lot of ideas for now features and posts! I am going to be going largely back to my beauty blogging schedule from here on in and I must admit that I am relived that in that sense, it is all back to normal!
  • Youtube Channel- So I have already established a YouTube channel and I have some exciting videos planned for the next few months! I am working on getting a better camera and trying out different editing techniques and I am excited to develop these more!
  • Novel- Eeeek I hate to admit it but this has fallen largely by the wayside over the last week! However when I am back in work next week I am hoping to get back in to a routine and set myself a writing hour each day!
  • Fitter- Getting fit is similar to writing, because I will be able to set myself exercise times when I am back in work! I am also going to re-start slimming world too!
  • Labour Party- Not had much opportunity for this, but busy few months so this one will be key!
  • Money- I have already contacted my credit card company to set up a direct debit for it, in 5 months I will be debt free! This is a really reassuring thought and it felt good to see that written down in front of me! This thought is going to keep me going!
  • London- Undoubtedly my boldest goal, and again not done anything to work towards this! This is another one that will come in time!

Weekly challenge- None set.

How are your 2014 goals/resolutions going?

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