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These days we live in an incredibly competitive world and due to our capitalist economies, “the c word” has somehow managed to seep in to every crevice of our daily lives and naturally that includes our shopping habits. It’s little wonder then that products are constantly changing, trends constantly being developed and different “it” products being given cult status every month. So when a product manages to stand the test of time and becomes an integral item in our medicine or beauty cabinet, it’s a pretty impressive achievement. There aren’t many products in my dressing table that can attest to being 70 years old, for health and safety reasons that’s definitely a good thing, most of them are probably not even 70 months old such are our faced chaining lifestlyes. Recently I’ve been using Sudorcrem, the elderly product in question and it’s become an important part of my beauty routine so today I felt that it was time to celebrate this little beauty wonder.

Spots // Nothing zaps a spot like a good dollop of Sudocrem because it’s antiseptic qualities immediately reduces the swelling and helps to kill the bacteria. While there are thousands of spot blasting products on the high street this one is worth it’s weight in gold because the results are almost instantaneous and the benefits can be seen almost overnight.

General skincare // If the truth be told I don’t have a huge problem with nasty spots on my skin but I do have a redness tendency and it’s something that occasionally gets me down. I tend to get blocky redness across my cheeks at least once a month and once there I generally struggle to cover it. I’ve recently been using the Max Factor Colour Corrector stick in green and that has been working wonders (post to follow) but as in all areas of my life, I prefer to take a pro-active approach. One evening I decided to slather some sudocrem on my cheeks just to see what happened (YOLO) and wow did it have an impact. The next day the redness had gone down and the general tone of my face was much more even.

Cuts // As an antiseptic cream Sudocrem has an abundance of positive benefits but it’s healing quality is definitely the best. If you have a healing cut and are concerned about it leaving a scar, rub a small amount of sudocem on it because it well help the wound heal faster.

Are you a fan of sudocrem?


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  • I’m with you on this! I get pretty bad skin but swear by sudocrem after I’ve used my garnier skin care products! Great post xx

    • Kay Page

      Thank you! I am glad I am not on my own. It’s so underrated but so good at what it does. xxx