Staying Safe Online


Let’s be honest, the internet is an incredibly piece of tech isn’t it? It’s literally changed the world and how we live our lives becoming pretty much an everyday essential and hence we rely on it for so much. Yet all that said, it can also be a really dangerous place too.

We’ve all seen stories on the news of scams, people pretending to be who they aren’t and often it has disastrous consequences.

I’m sure we all have little tips and tricks that we can offer to help other people stay safe online, these are mine.

Be realistic – too good to be true, probably is // It’s a cliche but often it’s true – if something seems to good to be true than the chances are that it is. Companies don’t give things away for nothing unless they have something to get back, so if you see a new iPhone priced at £1.99, you should be skeptical.

Ask the questions // Question everything online and you won’t go far wrong. When considering purchasing something ask things like why is it so cheap? Where did it come from? Is there a problem? Do you have a receipt? When talking to someone online ask other essential questions such as what they do for a living? Do they have a family? Are they on social media? These questions won’t tell you everything but you might be able to catch people out.

Put them on the spot // Been chatting to someone cute on Facebook but concerned they seem too perfect and worried your going to get catfished? There’s a really simple trick to test this. Ask them to take a photo of themselves, holding a piece of paper with your name and the date written on it. If they do so, then you have less to worry about but make sure the image is clear and you can clearly see who is holding the paper.

Change your passwords // I try to change my passwords for everything at least every two months, this way it makes it harder for people to obtain them.

What tips would you add?

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