Staying Motivated Tips

Staying motivated

When I’m in one of my uber-motivated states everyone in my network knows it and at a guess I would say that I probably wind them up, I’m overly active, overly committed and I generally have a million new idea’s and I have to really manage my creativity. I also delegate a lot, try to motivate everyone around me and try to do everything I can to achieve my goals. When I am in this state, I am probably at my happiest, my most confident and my most hopeful. I love feeling motivated.

Yet sometimes certain things can get in the way, whether it be the people around me, life changes or my pesky anxiety and in those times my whole world seems to come to a standstill. My lack of motivation makes me feel worthless, without direction and a little bit lost. Yet I have developed a tried and tested approach to these horrible times and I have a few simple steps that can reignite my motivation. If you’re looking to find extra motivation, these are my top tips on how to stay motivated.

Write them down // It’s advice that is as old as time itself, but that doesn’t make it any less important because countless experiments prove that you are more likely to achieve your goals once you write them

A motivating playlist // Nothing gets my adrenaline pumping like a strong, inspiring playlist and I love listening to a few songs when things are feeling tough. I have a few particular favourites, so take a look at my playlists here.

Visibility // Place your written goals somewhere where you can clearly see them because that makes you far more likely to achieve them. I have a copy of my goals in my in try and in my filofax.

Mapping // Make a clear map for achieving your goals, because knowing how you are going to get them is crucial to actually doing so. The best thing is to break them down in to achievable goals, steps and daily actions that you can make. This makes me feel less stressed and makes my goals for more manageable.

How do you stay motivated?


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