Starting your morning


I’m an ace at stating my morning. I’m definitely a morning person, I’m up at 6.30AM on the dot and I’m immediately raring to go but come 4PM my attention starts to wane and my energy levels have plummeted. So it’s important that I start my morning with a bang, to make the most of my time and I have a few things that I like to do to get my day going.

Routine // I have a strict routine that I follow to the dot every single morning and this is essential for ensuring I make the most of my time. I start with a glass of water, followed by breakfast and I like to use this time to catch up on the news and check my social media accounts. I then get ready for the day, having had my twitter fix, I find that it prevents me for checking my accounts as often as I might usually. This is the routine that works for me and it might not necessarily work for you but try to find one that does and it’ll make your mornings a lot easier.

Daily do // Once I’m dressed, fed, watered and ready to go, I like to sit down and establish what I want to achieve from the day that lies ahead. I start by checking my appointments or meetings, checking how much time I actually have to play with and then I look over the list from the day before, checking there was nothing I missed. Once that’s done I start to write down the things for the day ahead. First I set two goals that I want to achieve these can be things like finishing a particular book, going for a morning walk or not eating anything sweet and then I set myself five small to-do’s that I want to finish. If I think I still have some free time I then move on to things I would like or maybe could work on. Some people prefer to use their phones, tablets or laptops but I’m a pen and paper kinda girl, there’s something satisfying about scribbling things off a list.

Fake it til you make it // How you feel in the morning is likely to be how you feel for the rest of the day so start by making yourself feel your absolute best. Dress in something that makes you feel good, wear your hair in the way that you like and do the things that are going to have the most positive impact on your day.

How do you kick you mornings off?


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