Spring’s Instant Style Updates…


I am so excited about the imminent arrival of Spring, not only is it my second favourite season but it’s by far one of the prettiest and this season fashion has taken a leaf from the newly flourishing tree. A new season means a new wardrobe, something that most of us can ill-afford but why splurge on an expensive new capsule wardrobe when you can invest a few simple style updates? A few new accessories, one or two staple pieces and the odd shoe or two (that would be advised) and your good to go, say hello to your new wardrobe.

Flowers // There is nothing new about flowers making an appearance in our spring wardrobes but this year things got a whole lot bolder. This season flowers are loud, clumsy and proud with delicate patterns banished to the background. When looking for your Spring flowery offerings, look for clashing colours, big flowers and bright colours to ensure that you make the cut. I love this pretty dress from River Island, it passes the bold factor but the shape and cut keep it simple and delicate.

50 Shades of grey // This season there are three key colours taking the fashion world by storm and grey is definitely one of them. It’s the new black and throughout Spring it will be a power colour, with every occasion sufficiently catered for and every trend adapted. There are thousands of ways to wear your new best friend but no one does it quite as well as New Look and some of their killer grey pieces are currently in the sale! My personal pick has to be this cute and cosy looking jumper, it sums me up to a tee and will be perfect for those blowy spring days. For extra style points where pale shades of grey with one of the seasons other big trends- crisp white pieces.

Fringing // When it comes to trends that nod to a bygone era, I tend to be nervous attempting to recreate them because I have a tendency to overstep the line between chic and costume party (don’t ask). So when it comes to this seasons 70s trend I’m taking baby steps and my first step was to invest in some serious fringing. River Island kills this look with a number of classic pieces delicately decorated and offering something for every tolerance. I am lusting after this bucket bag, it’s the perfect way for me to incorporate the 70s in to my everyday wardrobe.

Feeling blue // Pastel blue, dark blue, blue jeans….No longer does blue need to be associated with feeling down because Spring’s version is sunny, bright and feminine adding a pop of pastel to your wardrobe. Remember the other two killer colours for the season and pair them all up to look extra style savy. I love wearing pastel blue as a top coat and this River Island jacket has it all, I need this. Now.

Minibags // As someone that likes to carry everything including the kitchen sink, I’m not sure I’m fully ready for this trend yet but come summer and the warmer weather I’ll definitely be ready to make the change. Unsure about this trend, it’s pretty simple, imagine that your bag was hit by the shrink ray from Honey I shrink the kids (sudden urge to watch that film!) and voila. These bags are the same but smaller.

What are you top spring pieces?


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