Soap and Glory Archery Review

CHERY I have really struggled to find an eyebrow pencil that actually worked for me, something that does the trick but manages to remain natural. So when I saw the beautiful Zoella recommending the new Soap and Glory Archery and having recently developed an obsession for the high-street brand, I knew that I needed to give this one a try.

The package is rather cute and like most Soap and Glory products, this double ended beauty comes in a cute box but the colour range is pretty dark and I was forces to chose a colour I thought might be too dark. Thankfully it wasn’t but if your fair then this product probably isn’t best for you. The pencil is double-ended, one end is a felt tip and the other is more of a traditional wax pencil and both are the exact same colour. Now, Zoella raved about the felt tip side of the product and while I agree that it is pretty good, for me it’s all about the wax side.

The colour is actually perfect, it’s incredibly easy to use and looks really natural when applied. One of my biggest bug bears when it comes to eyebrows, is over application or when someone uses a colour to dark and gets the caterpillar-look. This product defiantly avoids that look!

Another great product from Soap and Glory, but I still don’t think I’ve found my ideal eyebrow item yet! Sigh. Any suggestions would be appreciated?

What do you like to use?

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