So Susan 8 hour cheek stain


I am one of those “all or nothing” kinda girls, the kind of person that doesn’t just like something they must love it and hence become completely absorbed in said something. So when I discovered So Susan a while back I had to invest in some of their products.

I recently reviewed their oh-so-special lip dome, a product that I have ultimately fallen in love with (and will feature in my FOTD on the weekend) and today I am bringing you a review of another of their products, the When I first started this blog and was on the hunt for cheap but ultimately quirky products to review I stumbled upon One Directions range and half-heartedly selected their “Oh my Glow Blush”. Now I’m not a massive 1D fan but I ended up loving their blush and seeing as the So Susan product looked so similar, I was incredibly keen to give it a try.

In all honesty I think the colour (sun peach) is a little bit too pinky for me, as generally I tend to pick the darker, reder shades. Yet despite that I am still a fan of this product and think it offers great value for money. Firstly a massive round of applause to So Susan who have single-handedly managed to achieve a product that ticks all the boxes- quantity, quality and pocket friendly. This thick, creamy but lightly pigmented blush is uber easy to apply and blends on the skin like a dream. Despite it’s fairly think consistency, it still manages to be comfortable and sits like a powered on the skin. It doesn’t last the eight hours that it claims (name me a product that does?) but it easily makes 5 hours and manages to look consistent the whole time.

I am really loving So Susan at the moment and will definitely be picking up the rest of these beautiful blushes. Have you tried any of their range?


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