Sit-down Sunday

Sit down Sunday (2)

Hey everyone, how are you?

Today has been one of those wonderful days, the type that working adults rarely seem to get anymore, a lazy Sunday. A day where nothing bothers you, where you can wear whatever you want and there is nothing pressing to do. Well today has been one of those days.

Having had a lovely roast dinner, and having coloured my hair (you will see this soon), I decided to catching up on some overdue reading and now I am writing this post.

A few weeks ago I was tagged in the littleirishbeautybox’s Liebster award post, and in my reply I stated that I very rarely read other blogs but since then, I have become somewhat of an addict! Today I thought that I would share with you my new favourite bloggers!

  1. Anxiety Relief– This is a new one for me, I stumbled upon it casually this morning but I am definitely a fan. As a mental health blogger myself, I’m always looking for likeminded people and people who are not afraid to tackle this subjects taboo’s head on! I’m feeling really inspired by this blogger’s “Seven Week” to change series and have something similar in mind.
  2. A beauty Junkie in London– I have had a bit of a blog crush on this little lovely for a while now and I really enjoy reading it! It’s a beauty and fashion based blog, with a bit a great vibe. I love her “Weekend Wishlist” posts because they often point me in the direction of new and exciting brands or trends.
  3. WonderLust-Another new discovery, and anther love. This is a fantastically varied blog, that encompasses fashion, beauty and general lifestyle, is beautifully written and is really engaging. I loved her recent post about the benefits of herbal tea, and of course I went out and bought some of her recommendations.
  4. Lady Smart– From what I can gather, this is a fairly new blog but I think this girl will do really well for herself. Her blog is primarily about fashion/style and is written in a sophisticated and engaging way. I also really love her style.
  5. A whole lot of Chitty Chatter-I have followed the blog’s author on twitter for quite a while now and was really excited when I stumbled across her blog. I love finding other mental health sufferers, because it’s really important to know your not alone! I love the honesty this girl puts in her posts.
  6. Meganbethkernaghan– I’m always excited to discover bloggers from other countries that have an interest in politics, and I am always keen to learn about different political system. I was really excited when Megan got in touch with me, and even more excited to find that she is a member of the Australian Labor Party. I’ve always been fascinated with Australia (who isn’t its beautiful) and I am looking forward to reading this blog.

Check them out readers!

What do you like to do on a lazy Sunday? Who do you recommend I take a look at? 

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