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Sometimes you have to push your comfort zones and challenge yourself to try something new and today I am doing just that because I am reviewing the Sims 4. I have never reviewed a game before but I was really keen to write this post.

If you’ve been watching my youtube channel (if not why not? You’re missing all the fun!) then you will have already spotted that I have re-discovered my Sims fascination and this month I have become addicted to the much loved game. (I use addicted loosely.)

When it comes to leisure time I’m not much of a “gamer”, I would much rather sit down with a good ol’ book but for some reason the Sims has always captivated me. I can pretty much remember my first Sims encounter- I was a teenager at the time and the book fair had come to the school and on this occasion for some reason they had PC games. I used to love the book fairs, I was always the first to place me pre-order, excitedly looking through the glossy magazine and scribbling down what I wanted. Then when the book fair actually came to school I would skip lunch to walk through the multicoloured metal shelves, double checking that there weren’t any books I’d missed. I remember the little description and pictures that accompanied The Sims and I was immediately sold.

Now I have to point out that before downloading the latest version it had been yonks since I last played the Sims. At some point in time I did own the sims 3 but it has been a very long time and so I therefore can’t compare Sims 4 to the older versions.

But anyway let’s get in to it.

Create-a-sim // I remember the original Sims fairly well and I can remember the boring array of clothes that were once the bug-bear of many a-simmer. It was a blooming nightmare, you could only chose between like 3 outfits and it meant that numerous Sims had the same outfits. Sigh. These days it’s not a problem and I LOVE how customisable the latest create-a-sim is. Everything from the boobs to the bum can be edited ensuring that your Sim looks exactly as you intend.

Building // Ok so I am going to come out and say it, I have several major bug bears with the building mode in Sims 4 but that said it is a huge improvement on the older versions of the game. This month I have discovered the world of Sim Youtube and I love how creative some people are when it comes to house building! I’m defiantly getting better at it and this week several of my designs have been downloaded from the gallery. Let’s just come out and say it, some of the designs are enviable and I wish I could live in one myself. Deligracy if you ever go in to architecture, let me know.

The gallery // I want to know what genius added this to the Sims because it is a winner, I honestly can’t imagine playing the game without it now. Basically it’s an online sharing platform that allows Sim players to upload their lots, households and rooms for free, allowing other players to then download them for their own gameplay. It saves a lot of hassle and gives you lots of idea’s for what you can do in your own builds.

Get to work // It was the Get to Work expansion pack that really caught my attention because who wouldn’t want to be a detective if they were given half the chance? I would never be able to do it in real life (too emotional, too queasy). It lives up to expectations and once you get passed the first stage it’s a really fun game!!

I love the Sims 4 and as we speak I am downloading the Spa Day expansion pack. I’m excited to get that one going!

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