Seventeen Cheek Stamp Review



Often when I visit in Boots I end up spending far more than I really should, so when I paid them a visit on Saturday I made a mental note to pop in, get what I wanted and leave. The aim of the trip was relatively simple, find a few new and exciting high-street products and be out of there without spending on items that I didn’t need! I am proud to report that my mission was largely successful!

The first thing I grabbed was this intriguing looking beauty, the seventeen cheek stamp in the shade “Made you look”. I had no idea what  I was letting myself in for when I added this to my empty basket, I didn’t bother looking at the details and hadn’t seen it advertised anywhere, but nonetheless I was shocked by the actual product. I guess I was expected something that looked more like the Guerlain Bubble Blush and not the rather ugly, tacky looking item that greeted me. Despite my immediate dislike of its packaging however, I was really keen to give this a go.

The packaging is really clever, its a small round pot with a mirror stuck on the lid, making this the perfect handbag blush. This I love and it it without a doubt the most attractive principle behind the actual project, as you no longer need to carry a brush and a blush around with you. Instead you now you effectively have it all in one! Genius!

Upon removing the lid, the inside is made of a sponge and the idea is fairly simple, you dab it on your cheek and then blend it outwards but for me this is where the magic ends. The colour (a bold pink) is far to bright for me and the formula of the actual blush is far to watery and it’s really hard to actually get the right amount of pay out. The size of the sponge kind of ensures you use more than you need, and ts consistency means that it requires a lot of blending. Yet you blend it out and it literally falls everywhere…aaarrrggghhh!

I am sorry to report that this is one of the worst products I have tried for a long time and I suggest giving this one a miss. The idea behind the product is fantastic and definitely deserves further development, especially for those people that have trouble keeping blush in place, but the product itself has left me wanting more.

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