Seventeen CC Cream review

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I am excited to be bring a new review to you today, and as you can see I m going to be reviewing the new Seventeen CC cream! Now I don’t usually buy Seventeen and I have never used a CC cream before but this really caught my eye. CC cream means “covers and corrects”, I had no idea of that, none. I got mine in Boots because as you must know by now, I’ve been completely loving the current buy one get one half price offer. This seems to be a better of a miracle product really, well it claims to be anyway but there has been very little coverage or advertising for the products. So lets see how if fairs shall we?


  • Fresh and flawless without the feel of a heavy foundation
  • Covers blemishes with lightest touch
  • Brightens and moisturisesFirst Impressions
  • I really hate the packaging . As you can see above it comes in a plain white tube, inside a been box. I think it looks more like same sort of medical product more than an actual makeup item.
  • I do like that its a squeeze tube however because I feel you can get the most of your money.
  • It looked pretty dark when swatched on my hand (below) and this is the lightest of the three. I’m not a massive fan if foundation or bb creams or CC creams or whatever, that only come in a limited number of colours like this one, because although I am light this looks very dark for me.20130917-080403.jpg
  • The next thing I noticed was that it does have a slight shimmer too it. Now this automatically worries me because I don’t think that a product called “covers and correct” should have a shimmer to it. I’m worried that this will only highlight spots and blemishes.
  • There is quite a strong polish-like smell to it, but that does disappear on the skin.
  • The actual substance is a mix between a mousse and a liquid, and looks like it will blend easilySo here is me with it on, I could t. Get a good photo to show you it properly (one of those days) but here are the best of a bad bunch.


  • It does blend very easily but as I suspected it is very dark.
  • It has an amazing amount of coverage for a high street product. This does however make it look very heavy on the skin, and isn’t particularly natural. It is definitely one for a bad skin day. You have to be very careful applying this it could look very Cakey.
  • I do like it I don’t think it does really lighten the skins.
  • Dries very matte and covers shine well
  • It lasts all dayVerdict- It’s a really good product to be fair, and considering the price and the fact that it is drugstore it covers really good coverage. For me, personally it is a little in the heavy side and too dark, because I prefer my foundation to look natural and this doesn’t. I will definitely use this product again, but I can’t see me using it until one of those bad skin days. 4/5

    Since writing this review I have actually had several bad skin days and have used this then!

    P.S I completely forgot to take a picture of just the product on so if your wondering here are the other products that I used.


    Next week-Bourjois 123 perfect foundation

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