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Facebook: Sam Jones

Facebook: Sam Jones

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Physician/Medic Sam Jones

  • Dentist
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  • Heywood
  • Oklahoma
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Garage Door Services Contractor / Portland, OR / garage door repair, springs repair, opener repair, opener replacement, springs replacement / D&L Garage Doors

Xing: Sam Jones

Vice President (VP), Engineering / City of London / Food, Pizza / , Red Pepper Solution, Anahata Digital

Xing: Sam Jones

Driving Instructor / Xhosa, Expert, English, Driving, Zulu, Spe…t, Instructor, Teacher

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Germantown, NY, Germantown Central School

ratemyteachers: Sam Jones

Hyrum, UT, Mountain Crest High School

ratemyteachers: Sam Jones

Llanelli, Ysgol Gyfun Maes Yr Yrfa

ratemyteachers: Sam Jones

Llanfyllin, Llanfyllin High School

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IMDB Filmography: Sam Jones

IMDB Filmography: Sam Jones

Meaning of First Name Sam

Male first name (English): Sam, Hebrew (Old Testament); shama = heard, el = the Almighty, God, not well understood meaning safe, possibly 'Name of God' or 'God has heard'; Samuel in the Bible is the final judge Israel

Meaning of Last Name Jones

ap Sion - Son of John. From the time when the English court clerks in Wales needed to identify people as the Welsh did not use surnames at that time.

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