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N Endert 1887-1887 - Ancestry

Katharina Van Endert. George Paul 1st. Endert. George Paul Endert. George Paul 1st. Endert. Freda Endert. Andrew Endert. Rudolph H. Endert. Mary Gharviloff Dulchefski ...

Reinhardt Endert, father of 2 - Ancestry

Andrew Endert. Rudolph H. Endert. Mary Gharviloff Dulchefski Endert. Cleone Lucy Endert ...

Rudi Endert, father of 0 - Ancestry.com.au

Andrew Endert. Mary Gharviloff Dulchefski Endert. Top record matches for Rudi Endert ...

Meaning of First Name Andrew

hl known by, Andrew, and the male is the brave, ancient Greek (New Testament); andreios = manly, brave: Male first name (English). Andrew, Apostle, brother of Peter

Meaning of Last Name Endert

The origin of the name Endert has not been established. Records show the name for the first time in the town of Arnsdorf, Germany around 1690. There is a valley named Das Enderttal meaning Endert Valley. There is a Endert tur meaning Endert gate and a 22.3 kilometer long river called the Endert. The first Endert in my family tree is Christoph born during 1690. From there I established 11 generations, the last one being my grandson in the direct Endert line. I have been able to trace all sons, daughters and spouses of these 11 generations and I will be searching for any information prior to 1690. Due to internal wars between Russia, Poland and Germany Arnsdorf has changed occupation many times so it is impossible to tell if the name Endert is Polish, German or Russian. William Edward Endert b_endert@dccnet.com

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