Run out of it

Run out of it??

run out of it

It has do be one of the most dreaded moments when it comes to beauty, the moment when you realise that you have forgotten to pack or have run out of a beauty essential. I don’t know if it’s just my luck, but it always seems to be when there is an important meeting, a date or when I’m literally stranded in the middle of nowhere that these moments happen. And when they do you are left with one big question, now what?

There is no real replacement for the actual thing obviously, but if you are in a quandary and are in need of a quick fix here are some idea’s.

Run out of shaving foam? Then use your conditioner!

Shaving foam is essential for a clean and nourishing shave and we’ve all felt the side effects of shaving without it, it hurts and leaves your legs feeling dull and dry. Using your conditioner well help the blade glide over the skin, helping you to shave without problem whilst nourishing your legs at the same time!

Top Tip- Body conditioner works just as well!

Run out of neutral eyeshadow? Then use your bronzer!

Take a normal sized shading brush and gently dust a light layer of bronzer across your lid, starting at the crease and working down toward the lash line. I would suggest that you start of slowly because you can always add more later.

Run out of cream blush? Then use your pale pink lipstick!

Gently apply a tiny dot of lipstick to the apples of your cheeks and use a buffing brush to gently blend it outwards. Be sure to use a nude lipstick and start with the teeniest amount, it’s easy to add more. To help it blend, gently dab a small amount of your foundation on it and blend them in together. I’ve used this on several occasions and done well it can look healthy and pretty!

Got any more that you would add to the list?

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