Rimmel London Colour Rush Balm Review

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So today I am going to be reviewing an exciting new product for you and as you can see it is the Colour Rush Balm’s from rimmel. Now if you read my blog regularly then you will already know that I have been loving the Bourjois Colour Boost’s and the Revlon Just Bitten Balm Stains, and was therefore very excited about these new beauties. Again they follow the whole Clinique Chubby stick trend, it seems that all brands are trying to get in on the act now.

An immediate criticism, I am sorry to say, is that they have been very poorly advertised (I have’t seen much about them anyway). I think it is possibly because they were launched at the same time as the new Stay Matte and Stay Blushed products, and they seem to have focussed their money and effort on those.

Anyway I am hugely impressed with the price immediately, because they have undercut the previous mentioned crayon lip products, which are quite expensive when you consider that they are only drugstore lipsticks. So these little beauties actually retail at just £5.99 (linked Boots here because they have their buy one get one half price offer on).


  • Lasting finish
  • MoisturisingSo here is a swatch of the colour that I bought, which was “the redder the better.”20130916-202346.jpg First Impressions
  • I love the colour, it’s beautiful but the colour is located in a really awkward and frankly rubbish place. Now with the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains the colour is on a sticker on the base, and with the Bourjois it’s on the sticker label. Now if you found the colour on these straight away then please let me know and I will pat you on the back (over social media of course) but for anyone going to buy them I will help you out a little.20130916-203358.jpg See it? There? The very last line in the silver writing! How annoying!!
  • The price is a massive plus?!
  • Now generally I can’t say that I love the packaging either. There’s too much writing on the front, and I think it looks pretty tacky.
  • It claims to be moisturising and I can automatically smell coca butter. It’s a really lovely smell.Review
    Now here it is on my lip!20130917-082832.jpg
  • The first thing to say is that it really is a beautiful colour, and collect me if in wrong but it’s the only red lip crayon out there I believe
  • It feels really good on the lip, it’s not heavy to sticky and it feels pretty light. It’s not sticky either.
  • It dries matte but does have a really lovely shine to it too. This surprised me, but I like it a lot.
  • The colour stayed intense after food and drink, which is a hurdle at which a lot of good lip products fall down! This really impresses me! It still held it’s own in both colour and glossiness! On the same note, they last a really a long time.
  • My lips felt notably softer after wearing the product all daysVerdict!I am really impresses with these and although I still love the Revlon and Bourjois versions these are really good alternatives! 4.5/5.

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