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Another year has been and gone and as cliche as it might be, they definitely seem to get faster each time. While 2015 definitely hasn’t been the worst year of my life, it’s not been the best either and I am kind of glad to see the back of it.

There has been incredible high’s to 2015, things that I never imagined that I would get to do but at the same time it felt as if my life just kind of stalled. I didn’t achieve the goals I wanted to, I struggled to stay motivated for a large part and it felt as if other people were soaring in front of me.

I get so caught up in all my ambitions sometimes that it feels impossible to achieve them.

Yet that said theres a famous quote that I like to rattle off – “if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”.

So while we wait for 2015 to roll away and the new year to roll in, here is my 2015 in a nutshell and what I hope my 2016 will be.

The highs

  1. New York. The city that never sleeps is a dream for many, everyone wants to visit there and you really, really should because it honestly will not disappoint. This year I was lucky enough to visit and it is one of the most amazing places ever, it captivates and takes your breath away, leaving you excited to go back. I knew I would like New York but I never imagined that I would love it and yet that’s exactly what happened to me because I quickly fell in love with the city.
  2. Krakow. I’ve been to Krakow in the past and it’s one of my favourite cities but this year I was lucky enough to visit with some colleagues from Unite. It was one of the most incredible experiences of my life, not only because of the experience and the extent to which it changes your life, but also because of the people.
  3. One Direction. I’m not a fan of the band but this year I got to take my little cousin to see them and it was one of the highlights of my year. I don’t have brothers and sisters so loved spending time with my cousins and it was lovely to have been able to do something so special.
  4. Friends. This year I’ve made some incredible friends, cemented relationships I already had and just generally found myself connecting with people more.

The bad…

  1. Family. Watching the health of loved one’s deteriorate and watching them becoming depressed in the process.
  2. Friends. Losing a few friends along the way.
  3. Politics. Not being anywhere near as active as I would have liked.
  4. Career. Not making the progress that tI would have liked.
  5. Fitness. Yeah this one isn’t even worth talking about.

Looking forward, my goals for 2016…

  1. Goals. That these goals won’t be on my 2017 goal list because by then I will have achieved them!
  2. Career. By the end of 2016 I will be in a role that I love, I know this is vague but I know that when the right opportunity comes up I will know it.
  3. Finance. By the end of the year I will be completely debt free and will have paid off that pesky credit card bill.
  4. Novel. I know, I know, how often has this one featured in my goals but this will definitely be the year that I get my books published.
  5. Health. This is going to be a huge focus for 2016 because I want to look after myself a lot better, emotionally and physically.

What are you goals for 2015?

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