Review policy

In November 2016 I embarked on a drastic blog rebrand and made a promise to myself that from now on I will only write about the topics about which I really care.

I love reading, it’s without a doubt my favourite past time and from now on I will be sharing book reviews on my blog.

I am open to review requests and will be happy to consider all opportunities.

However please be aware that I will give preference to books in the following categories;

Fiction (romantic, dystopian, YA, mystery, historical)

Factual (history, politics, opinion, feminist)

I will consider books outside of this list however I am less likely to accept them.

I will only accept physical books for review.


All books will be featured in a blog post and reviewed on goodreads.

Please contact me using In the email please include information on the book including a summary and why you think that I will enjoy it.

*All reviews will be entirely honest and I will admit if I did not enjoy a book. No book is perfect and in most instances I will offer some criticism.