Return of the berry lip


Summer is all but over, even if the weather might be trying to convince you otherwise, and while I am sad that this means a fading tan and end to those long lazy summer evenings, the new season does offer some exciting consolation prizes. If you were reading my blog last year, back when it and my make-up prowess was still in it’s infancy, then you might recall my slight obsession with NARS 413 BLKR  and it’s back with vengeance. I’ve never been much of a lipstick wearer, I was always an eyeshadow kind of girl but since starting my blog that has entirely changed. Over the past year my relationship with make-up, particularly of the lipstick variety, has definitely grown and I definitely sit in the lipstick lovers camp. With that in mind and wearing my warmest scarf and hat, autumn let’s be having you, bring on that berry.

The lip pencil-  Maybelline COLORSensational kip liner, Midnight Plum- In all honesty I’m not a massive fan of lip liner, it’s one of those things that I tend to shy away from because it is so easy to get wrong. But surprisingly I find it to be an essential tool when it comes to perfect the berry pout. This Maybelline version is by far my favourite and I love using this to keep my lipstick in place and ensure no messy little mishaps. Firstly I use it to gently trace the outline of my lip before carefully colouring in the remainder of my lips. This technique ensures that my lips is given a clear and defined shape, while preventing any obvious outline and makes the overall look seem so much more polished.

The High Street one- Avon lipstick in power plum- I’ve never believe in the “one”, I believe in love yes and I also believe in soul mates but I think it’s possible to have lots of them, with different one’s meaning different things at different times. This is a philosophy that I also like to put in to practice when it comes to make-up and when it comes to berry lipsticks there are lots of gorgeous one’s there. My personal favourite is this little beauty from Avon, as it’s made from the most nourishing formula of any lipstick and is the perfect balance between plum and purple.

The High End one- NARS 413 BLKR- Sigh, there she is, the one that this whole post is really about and where my berry obsession really started. This lipstick is completely perfect and a year later, it still remains my absolute fave. The perfect colour for both daytime and evening, I love wearing this lip with minimum make-up, literally leaving my lips do all the talking.

What’s your favourite berry lipstick?


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