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I’ve decided that it’s time for a slight scheduling shake up (yay for an alliteration) and that it was absolutely time for me to create a new series – so say hello to “What I’ve learnt from…”.

I really want this to be varied, for there to be lots of subjects covered and while I shall be penning (or typing) most of the posts, I also want there to be a few guest posters. I’ve already lined up a few who have extremely interesting stories to tell and of course if you’re interested in telling me your lessons, then feel free to pop me a message!


When it comes to family I’ve always considered myself to be extremely lucky. I honestly think that I have one of the best family in the entire world (it’s not that big right?) and obviously I’m not even slightly biased, so I must be right. I have a fairly close-knit family and despite the fact that we live miles apart, we’ve always been close and it’s something that I relished growing up. The little traditions we had and the happy memories that these traditions created, will always be with me and I hope that one day my children have a similar experience.

A lot of my childhood memories revolve around one crucial ingredient, something that definitely made my experience unique because my Uncle was a footballer (and is now a football manager).I was extremely lucky and was privileged enough to have some incredible, dream come true, “is this really happening” kind of moments. I thought I would start the series by sharing what I have learnt from having a football playing uncle.

Football career = huge job uncertainty // Like a lot of industries football is primarily result driven and contracts are usually run on a year-by-year basis. As a result it can often mean a lot of uncertainty and hence why some footballers end up moving around a lot. For someone with a close family this can be incredibly hard because it means continuously having to resettle in new places. It also means that often they are hundreds of miles away from their families, we miss them a lot and don’t get to see them anywhere near enough but it does make the time together more special.

You can never please everyone // I don’t think that this needs to be explained in much detail because it’s pretty simple, you will never be able to please everyone and there will always be someone who is more than happy to criticise you.

Football players/managers are human too // This and then some. There is nothing worse than being in the stand and hearing people slate your nearest and dearest. This might come as a shock to you all but guess what, footballers are human being too and like most people they have families and they have emotions. Let’s just try to remember that shall we?

My uncle is one heck of a role model // For as long as I can remember my uncle has been a hero to me and growing up I always admired him. The older I’ve gotten the more this has grown and still to this day I see him as a role model for me but this has nothing to do with his chosen career. I admire him for being an incredibly loving, kind and hard-working person, for the things he has done for me and my family. I love his family, his amazing children and his fun-loving wife. I am very lucky to have the family I do.Hope you enjoyed this post!!

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