Redcar Reflections and Life’s Important Messages

Me and Sam

Hey guys and welcome back, how are you?

So this post is a bit different from what I usually write, but I wanted to share with you the excellent few days that I had visiting my friend from university.

Anyone that has either been to university themselves, or is perhaps in university now, will probably agree with me but university can be a really difficult time. Moving away from home, sharing flats with complete strangers and the pressures that come with essay deadlines, could make university a really horrendous experience, but with the right friends it can also be the best time of your life. It certainly was for me.

I remember like it was yesterday trying to  pick my university, and unexpectedly telling close family that actually I wanted to go to a university far away. The truth is that I hadn’t planned it this way, I had always thought I would stay local, go the same universities as my close friends but this all changed upon a visit to Aberystwyth University. Aber is a very special place, it’s student lifestyle is everywhere but it’s small size makes it a fantastic place to move to and yet it never really becomes boring, and for me, Aber changed my life.

My family supported my decision, and I can still remember my very first day in this strange place. I was scared, I was nervous but I was also incredibly excited, determined to make it the best experience of my life. The first night was one of the hardest, but soon I found myself becoming the person I always wanted to be, uninhabited by the strings of my old life. I went from being a shy and reserved individual, to a fairly confident, bubbly and friendly person and eventually I met my group of friends. These people are the ones that hold a really special place in my heart.

Sam was my best friend (Liz, Kit, Tim, Luke, Megan, Cheryl, Lauren you were all very important too) and we were inseparable from the start. The thing with Sam is, she’s the kind of friend that you always wanted to have but perhaps for whatever reason couldn’t. Sam is a very kind, patient and understanding person, but at the same time she’s really fun and a good laugh.

We grew apart during our second year and I regret this more than anything, but I am glad we’ve become close again. It really goes to show readers, you never really lose a good friend.

I realise now that it was the best decision of my life, and in many ways I think it always will be. University forced me to step outside my comfort zone, to make friends that I would never have made and ultimately made me the person I am today.

When I left university and returned home to my family home in the Valleys (yes I actually am from there) I found it really difficult to adjust back to my old life. I missed my friends, I missed the challenges that came with university and I missed the life I’d had, but mainly I really missed the friends. I have finally settled back into home life now, it has taken a while but if you asked me too, I would happily go back to university tomorrow. (That said however, I would only want to go back with the same people).

Anyway, reminiscing aside, here are all the photos from that awesome week!

Just a head’s up by the way, Redcar was where the beach and cinema scenes of Atonement were filmed and the penguins are purely random! (Cheryl I warned you they were coming for us).

(I also learnt a really important lesson- you don’t realise how little you know about Glee until you play a Gleek expert at Glee Scene it)

Windfarm 2Life Boat MuseumRedcar 3

PenguinsRedcar 2Penguins and Sam

Redcar 4Shoppinh 1Shopping 2

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