Red Carpet Ponytail Kit Review


I’ve said it before so I might as well say it again, but I really lack time in the morning and I am therefore a massive fun of quick and easy hair solutions. I therefore don’t have time to fuss about with my hair, and have got myself in to a fairly boring hair routine. Instead I either leave it natural and leave my waves hang low (do your waves hang low, do they wobble to and frow…) or I throw in to a nice sleek but bland ponytail. On an odd occasion, when I do have extra time for some reason, I do like to add to curl my hair but generally I just don’t have the time. So when my mother bought me this easy looking “Red Carpet Ponytail Kit” for Christmas, I was really excited to give it a try, because who doesn’t love a sexed up ponytail. So it is with the images below in mind that I gave this a try.

Pony 2 Pony 3 Pony

So here is what you get inside the really horrible looking cardboard box shown above.


I straightened my hair before I have this a try because I wanted to ensure I got the sleek look I was going for, and was concerned my layers were too short for this look. So first of all you brush your hair back, covering any pattern that you might, just like you would for a normal ponytail. Using the pointed comb you then lift a small section at the front and insert the booster under the section, folding the hair back over it and hiding it away. Lastly you tie the elastic band around it.

I found this product really fiddly and quite difficult to use, and it took me a while to get it right. I found that I struggled to find the right section because at one time it was too far forward and then too far back. Once I did get it right, I was really disappointed with the result because I found it unnatural and really obvious looking.

Verdict-I get the idea of this product, but in reality it looks no better than a small amount of backcombing would achieve and I feel backcombing is far less obvious and less fiddly. I can see this being thrown to the back of wardrobe and never used again.

Have you tried these before?

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