Precious Stones


Does anyone else remember Heidi and her very strange husband Spencer? And do you remember their weird fascination with all things crystal, hippie-like and pretty-but-not-to-the-extent-they-took-it? Well it turns out that they were actually on to something because this year precious stones are back and in a big, fashion changing way. It could be the solution to Speidi’s previous money problems and maybe Spencer should consider selling that huge crystal to one of the high-street stores, it can be used to make pretty on-trend pieces for the rest of us.

It is a really easy trend to embrace and an easy way to update your SS15 style, here are my top tips on how to add them now.

Authenticity // Ignore those gem stones that look too pretty to be true and abandon the perfectly shaped gems because this time around the trend is rough, ready and oh so pretty. The key is to look for pieces that look as if they have just been carved from the rock face, so imperfections are your best friend.

Royal Red and Green // Rich ruby and lust-worthy emerald are the key colours to ensure the look stays modern and updated. The richer the colour the better, so look for bold colours that will pop against any outfit you chose.

Gold // How many times have I mentioned gold over the last few months? What can I say, it’s a metal that has made a huge return to our jewellery boxes. Look for traditional gold chains adorned with gems-a-plenty and with that in mind you can’t go far wrong.

Are you loving the stone trend?


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  • Reply Uglyfish May 28, 2015 at 10:38 am

    I love stones, but I’ve never really found any that suit me. Although I think gold is lovely, I prefer wearing silver, and I find not all stores are as exciting with their gems on silver! This was a great post though, I really enjoyed it =]

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