Post-Christmas blues

Christmas blues

Christmas this year passed just as it always does- with drinks, games and lots of giggles- and while the festivities undoubtedly continue for several days after, I am always engulfed by Christmas blues! I love Christmas and I love the build up to the big day, so when it is all over for another year there is something really anti climatic.

I’m sure that I’m not alone with this and over the years I have developed a ways of controlling this disappointment.

1.       Make the festivities last- In my household Christmas lasts for at least three days afterwards, because we make the most of every single day. As you will have seen in my traditions post, while Boxing Day is a day of games and relaxed fun, the 27th is a family meal. Making the festivities last extends the fun and also puts lets emphasis on Christmas day meaning each and every day matters.

2.       Live in the moment. Boxing Day is still a day of relaxed fun so make sure you enjoy each and every second. Live in the moment, and make the most of every second.

3.       Write about it. Record your thoughts and how you feel, and let yourself feel that way and remind yourself that it will pass, it always does.

4.       Write some more. Write a poem or, like me, write a blog post. I find that blogging really helps me to express the way I feel and it helps that you’re not alone.

How do you get through the Christmas blues?


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