The perfect pancake recipe…


It’s pancake day tomorrow!

Whether your religious or not, it’s safe to say that we don’t really need an excuse for pancakes but hey, if there’s a day dedicated to pancakes it would be rude not to, right?

My mum makes the best pancakes in the whole wide world (FACT), just ask my cousins, so in the name of pancake perfection I decided it was time to share the two of the best pancake recipes with you- the yummy option and a healthier alternative. So simple and yet really tasty!

The yummy option!

NEED- 1 large egg, 1 cup or mug of milk and 1 cup or mug of flower.

1. Beat the egg.

2. Add the milk.

3. Add the flour a little bit at a time, until the batters lowly drips off the whisk.

4. Then use a warm pan with a spray of one cal oil to slowly cook your pancakes!

5. Add some yummy fillings and your ready to go!

The Healthy option.


NEED- 1 egg, a dash of milk and Juice Plus powder.

1. Beat the egg.

2. Add one full spoon of Juice Plus powder (using the Juice Plus spoon).

3. Add a dash of milk!

4. Cook in a warm pan.

5. Add your tasty toppings!

Do you like pancakes? What’s your favourite topping?


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