Organisation (October 2015)

Organisation update

I’m someone that really appreciates organisation and yet sometimes things get the better of me and I find myself overwhelmed. Over the last few months I’ve been really snowed under, my organisation just hasn’t been working for me and as a result my motivation has been rock bottom.

That’s all changed over the last three-four weeks and I’ve finally found a routine and strategy that’s working for me. I know that organisation is a daily struggle for many people and I know that I personally find it really beneficial to see how other people organise their lives. I find that looking at how other people organise generally gives me idea’s for organising my time and helps me find the best practice for me.

So seeing as my new strategy is working for me, I thought that it was time to show you how I use my planners.

Erin Condren

I had an Erin Condren planner in the past and for a few weeks back then it was something that really worked for me, but it didn’t take long for me to become bored with it and I started looking for new ways to organise. I think part of the problem was the dividing headers (morning, day, night) because I generally don’t split my day like that and so it was a structure that just wasn’t working for me.

A few months ago I noticed that they had abandoned the titled headers and instead left the dividers blank and I was really curious about whether the new format would work for me. It took me a lot of time to decide whether to order a new one, I mean they aren’t cheap but eventually I decided to take a chance. I’ve been using the new Erin Condren vertical for over a month now and it really works for me. I’ve been buying sticker kits form Etsy and using these, plus custom headers, to ensure the planner suits me perfectly. It’s really been working, aside from the odd slip up my productivity has increased three-fold. I’ve been using my time better and powering through my to do lists.




I won’t go in to too much detail because I talked about my favourite sticker shops in a recent post, but using these cute stickers has really helped with my organisation. I think it’s partly because they are functional stickers and partly because they look pretty, it makes me want use it and stick with it.

My favourite Etsy shops

Weekly goals

I’ve been setting myself weekly goals since I left university all those years ago but I’ve struggled with actually achieving them. I think this is partly because I was being far too ambitious with what I could achieve and what I could do with my time and partly becauseI  hadn’t found a system that worked for me.

I love that the Erin Condren planner comes with a month at a glance and a week by week spread because it means that you can incorporate both long and short term planning in to one easy to use spread. And that is exactly what I have been doing.

I’ve been using the lined column on the month at a glance to write out my monthly goals and then using the same part of the weekly spread to do exactly the same thing. It’s been really helping me to focus my time and efforts, I can honestly say that I am starting to achieve my goals!

Daily do’s

This is probably the biggest change that I’ve made and again it’s something that’s really made a massive difference to me. I used to make a HUGE to do list for the day but it was too much and it overwhelmed me, leaving me with no energy to actually do the things on my list anyway. So using the cute checklist that you can buy for the Erin Condren, I’ve been limiting myself and only setting myself around 4-5 tasks a day. It’s definitely been working for me and over the last few weeks I’ve pretty much completed every task I’ve set myself.

FullSizeRender copy

Handbag diary

While the Erin Condren planner is undoubtedly beautiful and functional, it’s not exactly something that you can easily carry around with you. So I’ve been using my agenda for my handbag because it’s a pretty planner and one that I still love.

I’m also using my new found productivity and time management to get back on track with youtube channel and I might start filming plan with me video’s, let me know in the comments if you would be interested in seeing this?

How do you organise your life?

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