OOTD…January Jumpers!

I’ve been really nervous/reluctant about posting OOTD’s because I’m quite self-conscious and have been really concerned about negative comments I might get for being bigger than your average fashionista.

I have completely re-thought this position however and have decided for several reasons, that it is all going to change! I want to build my blog content, and my confidence along with it so I fugured what the heck…now or never!

Wales is currently really cold and dreary, as a skirt person, this does not suit me well! I wear skirts pretty much all the time because I find that trousers tend to make my legs look really, really short (they are small but hey). Winter is not my fashion season of choice therefore and I probably single-handily keep Pretty Polly in business.


Jumper- My grandmother bought me this cute dalmatian jumper a while ago now, but I still love it! It’s really slouchy and soft, and is perfect for wearing over an edgy leather skirt. It keeps the outfit feminine, comfy and gentle. Next, prince unknown.

Faux Leather Skirt- I love this leatherlook-skater skirt, and has been a staple in my wardrobe since I picked it up a few months ago. These style skirts are perfect for my top heavy figure because they help even out my silhouette. I tried one like this on in River Island and it did nothing for me, but this cheap alternative was an automatic love! Internacionale, price unknown.


Black Lace Pumps- How cute are these flat, black lacey shoes. I completely love them! New Look, £10.

Face and Hair

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI wanted my hair to be simple and comfy and have therefore left it in a simple and messy plait. My make-up is also simple, I have used my normal everyday routine but added a pop of colour with my Bourjois Rogue Edition in 07.

So I shall be posting one of these each Thursday!

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  • Reply dapperdolly January 9, 2014 at 4:32 pm

    Very sweet outfit and I know what you mean about wearing lots of tights :).

    I’m glad you’ve decided not to be so worried/anxious about the negative side of posting pics; it’s your blog and your channel for self expression, a small place online that’s like a public diary but can be kept appropriately respectful in that most people realize if they don’t like something they don’t have to comment – unless the post is inflammatory of course but even then there’s so many blogs most people just move on to the next post that interests them. There’s a lot of ‘bigger’ fashionista on blogs, just as many as thinner and medium from what I’ve seen and that makes sense given the average sizes of the Western populations and that the ones I mean are personal or small business blogs as opposed to blogs and websites attached to media sources and big stores. You’re not alone in feeling self conscious 🙂 so many of us have reasons for feeling that way (coming from a person with a marmite type look that people either love or hate and have no problem saying it to me or to others whether they know me or not even on the street) and it’s always daunting putting yourself out there in any way be it for fashion pics or some kind of project/work or just plain thoughts of the day but I’ve found most commentors are polite in the personal fashion section of the blogosphere. All the best.

    • Reply Kay Page January 9, 2014 at 5:18 pm

      Thanks! xx

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