November Goals 2015


Gosh it’s been a rubbish two weeks on here hasn’t it? It’s all fallen apart but that’s kinda what happens when have you no home broadband! Cheers for that one talktalk.

Anyway, things are definitely starting to look up and it appears that I will be back online from tomorrow – halle-bloomin-lujuah.

So following on from last month’s goal related post I decided that it was time for another one, so these are my November goals!!

Apply for the GDL // Anyone who knows me will know that I have a passion for law. When it came to applying for university it was a subject I ummed and ahhhhad about studying but in the end I decided against it. I’ve made a huge decision and decided that next year I want to do my GDL. This month I want to get the application form polished and ready to go.

Lose 8lbs // I am someone that battles with my weight and when it comes to fitness, I’m not naturally interested in it. When I do work out I really enjoy it but I pretty much have to force myself to do it in the first place. This month I really want to work on getting a training plan in place, one that works for me and leaves me feeling motivated and inspired.

Blog everyday in November // Bold goal and one that I seem to make every month but I want to ensure that I blog every single day. This comes from good time management, something I am really working on at the moment but this month I am determined to make it happen! I have a packed schedule for the month ahead and plan to stick to it religiously!!

Finish Jerrybag // I have been banging on about my novel for months and months but finally it is taking some sort of shape! I know have a detailed plan and have started writing the main body, using the original draft and some new idea’s. This month is National Novel Writing Month so I intend to exploit that to it’s fullest!

Do you have any November goals?

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