Natural Beauty Treatments


Looking for a new exfoliator earlier in the week it dawned on me how many chemicals I actually put on my face on a daily basis, and in all honesty I find it deeply concerning. So this week I have made it my mission to try and use natural beauty treatments whenever possible.

While I’m not a complete convert to the “natural beauty world” yet, I have managed to try, discover and even create a few treatments of the more healthy variety, and guess what?! I am going to share them with you!

  1. Get rid of those under eye circles using cucumber. You will probably have seen this a million times, I certainly have, but few of us actually know what it does. Cucumber has two soothing qualities to it and it therefore makes a perfect beauty treatment. The first important element is it’s high water content as this helps to replenish the under eye area and keep it sufficiently moisturised. Cucumber is also an effective antioxidant  a substance that helps to repair cells, meaning that it will simultaneously repair any damage to the under eye area. Top Tip- For extra effectiveness, pop a few slices of cucumber in the fridge for half hour before use. The cool cucmber (lol) applied to your warm skin, will help bring the blood to the area, and as a result your dark circles will be brightened and any puffiness significantly reduced.
  2. Berry beauty. Facials and face scrubs are pretty cheap and easy to pick up on the high-street, but you can never be sure exactly what is being put in to the mix (unless you actually understand chemistry that is). Making your own will ensure clarity because you control exactly what goes in to the mix, and they are easier to make than you might initially think. For the one I like to use you only require two items- honey and strawberries, ingredients that are generally easy to use . To start with ensure that all stems and leaves have been removed and then give the strawberries a good rinse to ensure they are nice and clean. Place the strawberries in a bowl and using a spoon mash them all together, adding honey as you go. As a general rule I use one spoon of honey for every four strawberries. See simple isn’t it? Another added benefit of this is that when mixed together, honey and strawberries create an antisemitic, and will help kill spots and acne.
  3. Make your own hair treatment. For the purpose of this blog post I had a little read of the back of my shampoo bottle earlier today and what I saw really shocked me as I had never heard, and probably couldn’t pronounce, half of it’s contents (blog post to follow)! The problem is that these products have to be made cheapily, on a mass scale and to last a long time but where possible we should use natural products. Mashing avocado and banana together will create a luxurious pulp, that will nourish and clean your hair! Top tip- If your looking for extra moisture in your hair then add coconut water to the above solution or for extra shine add honey.

These are just a few examples of natural beauty alternatives, but I have also created a pinterest board with some extra favourites for you.

What are your favourite natural beauty products?

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