Natural Anxiety Remedies


In the past I have used prescription tablets to help with my anxiety, but over the last few month’s I have stopped using them entirely. Prescription tablets are really useful for coping with anxiety but as my mental health as generally improved since the summer, I made the difficult decision to stop them completely. As part of my new commitment to eating more healthy and to use more natural beauty products, I have been trying out natural remedies for my anxieties instead.

  1. Herbal Tea. I am a huge fan of herbal tea anyway, but since discovering it’s calming qualities, I have been trying to drink it even more. There are several different varieties that are effective but my personal choice has to be chamomile. Chamomile is particularly relevant if you, like me, suffer with night time panic attacks and anxiety.  It helps to banish those anxious thoughts and is excellent for people that suffer with insomnia too. (Green tea and lavender work too.)
  2. Lavender. I have tried drinking lavender tea but I must admit that I am not a fan, so instead I have other ways of making it work for me. Lavender has constantly been praised for it’s sleep inducing ability and it therefore can help calm nervous too. I have several lavender candles dotted about my bedroom and I also like to use lavender scented bubble bath. My favourite way to use this beautiful smelling herb is to put a few dots of lavender oil on my pillow before bed. I have noticed a huge difference in my sleeping pattern since using it.
  3. Exercise. When you exercise your body automatically produces more endorphins, giving your body an automatic happy boost. Just one hour a day can help keep you fit, while also helping your natural chemicals to balance out. I have been doing a lot of walking recently as part of my #committogetfit, and find that it also relaxes my body. The fresh air helps to clear your head and banishes any horrible feelings away.

What do you do to help your anxiety?

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