Nars Luminious Weightless Foundation Review

BREAKING NEWS. The Holy grail has been found….

Women across the UK today breathed a sigh of relief and took to the streets to celebrate NARS’ latest beauty launch. Tipped to be life changing for thousands of women across the land, the NARS All-day Luminous foundation is set to change the way that oily skinned girls use make-up because at long last they have found the solution to all their skin based problems. The oily skin monster was unavailable for comment.

I can’t believe that I’ve been blogging for almost two years and I’m even more astonished that I’ve lasted all that time without having tried a NARS foundation. I’ve wanted NARS Sheer Glow for the longest imaginable time but whenever I have the cash and desire to make a purchase, surprise surprise my shade is completely out of stock!

I’ve also forced to myself to endure a three month foundation purchasing ban because my foundation draw was getting a little bit cluttered shall we say, so in the name of organising I decided it was time to use up what I had. It wasn’t a bad idea and my stash has significantly depleted meaning that last week I was allowed a cheeky beauty haul. I decided that I needed some higher-end products to add to my collection, I immediately repurchased my much loved Chanel Vitalumiere and after some consideration, I couldn’t resist grabbing the much hyped foundation, the NARS all day luminous foundation (£32.00, NARS).

There’s that trigger word again, hyped, it’s a word that I’m not particularly fond off and regular readers will already know why.

If you’re already a proud owner of the NARS Sheer Glow then you’ll be delighted to know that the latest launch comes with an already installed pump. I have to confess that it’s one thing that puts me off the aforementioned foundation. I find non-pumped foundations to be incredibly messy and I kinda feel that the hefty price tag justifies there being a pump and NARS have obviously taken this on board as feedback.

One pump is enough to do my entire face and that kinda gives you a good idea of it’s coverage because boy does this foundation offer coverage.

It’s definitely a high coverage, matte foundation and definitely not something that I would recommend for my dry skinned comrades. It covers redness, blemishes but also removes depth from the face and I personally had to use a lot of bronzer to bring my face back to life. I love the look of this foundation from a distance, I’m having a bad skin month and it really does offer a flawless complexion but once I get closer to the mirror it all starts to fall apart for me. This foundation is just that little bit too matte for my skin and it on close inspection it looks quite unnatural and heavy. It also brings the pores to this surface in a really bad way.

I can see myself reaching for this foundation on those bad skin days or on days when I need extended coverage because that’s where it’s strength lies. When it comes to durability this foundation really packs some serious punch and is perfect for the busy girl. I can’t see this being a regular staple in my beauty routine but for those of you that suffer with oily skin, it will be an absolute must.

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts? 



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