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When it comes to fashion I have a very specific style, I like classic, feminine shapes that come in bold and bright patterns or colours. I like clashing colours, wearable kooky fashion pieces and traditional fabrics that never seem to go out of fashion. I love being unique, I love being quirky and I love using my clothes to express whatever mood I’m feeling, to express my personality and sense of self.

I get fashion inspiration from a number of different sources, magazines, TV shows, films and history but sometimes a stylish celebrity catches my eye and I use their selections to style my own. There are certain people who always seem to hit the fashion nail on the head, who’s style is absolutely seamless and causes a deep fashion envy inside me.

Emma Watson // When it comes to the arts – fashion, literature, music, etc – I’m a massive fan of the classics and Emma Watson is fashion classics personified. A regular on the red carpet, Emma’s style is timeless and signifies the glamour of old. If something isn’t broken then why fix it and Watson proves this by often opting for traditional sleek and elegant shapes. Yet this shouldn’t make her seem like a boring dresser, she’s unafraid to take the occasional daring fashion choice, I’m specifically thinking of her Ralph Lauren ensemble at the Royal Marsden Gala. I’ve loved watching her style change and mature as she’s grown up in the public eye and was thrilled to see her become a Goodwill ambassador for the UN. I’m a massive fan of the talented ex-Harry Potter actors and can’t wait to see how she does in this new role. Style is about more than just clothing and it’s fair to say that she’s a fierce dresser but more importantly she seems to be a pretty awesome person and her speech at the UN in 2014 was inspiring and impassioned. If you haven’t yet seen it the you should, it’s empowering to women everywhere.

Style summary- classic, timeless and elegant.

Emma Willis // If Emma Watson’s style is primarily about timeless dressing, then Emma Willis is all about the versatility and summarising her style in to a well written paragraph is a lot harder. From bold colours to delicate pastels to complete whitewash, there is nothing the Willis is afraid of, her style is elegant but daring, quirky and creative and constantly changing and challenging. Yet what unifies, solidifies and underlines her style is personality, because Emma comes with bounds and bounds of personality. In a nutshell Emma Willis’ style is sheer fashion perfection, daring, wearable and uber attainable making her the perfect style icon.

Style summary- attainable, quirky and stylish.

Blair Waldorf // It was only a matter of time before a fictional character made it on the list and having recently rediscovered Gossip Girl (all hail netflix) my Blair-fashion-fever has reached never seen before levels. I mean come on, the girl is sheer fashion perfection. I love that her style is playful, borderline novel at times and yet the clever use of colours and accessories adds a level of class to the masterpiece. The classic shapes in tailored and feminine designs add to the overall ladylike effect and the girl’s confidence is worn as a savy accessory. In a way her style is very British and while I loved her style back in my teenage years, this time around I can really appreciate the fashion statements and admire the characters bold choices. If this girl was a real person (she practically is right?) she would be a regular, if not a staple, on the best dressed lists.

Style summary- classic, daring and playful.

Who are your style icons?

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    Emma Watson is amazing! As for Blair, she was my favorite character on Gossip Girl.

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