My school days…


Recently I’ve been in a reminiscent mood, a constant period of contemplation as I think about my childhood and those coaster like school days. I hated school, I just hated it and it was only in sixth form that I really realised the importance of education and actually ended up loving those final two years. There’s something about sixth form, the teachers treat you as equals and you gain a greater amount of independence and for me, it was life changing. It was those two years, followed by my university experience, that really brought me on as a person, turning me from the shy young girl to a confident and ambitious young women.

Earlier this week I wrote my confidence tips post and during this I realised that it was those two years that really made all the difference and I was inspired to write this post. I wanted to share with you the lessons that high school taught me and I hope that some of you will join in too!

  1. You will never make everyone like you. Just be yourself and remember it’s their loss.
  2. Eventually you will find a place to fit in.
  3. Remember that with some handwork, you are capable of anything.
  4. Read! The most powerful women in the world, both past and present, have only two things in common. Firstly they are all female and secondly they all read!
  5. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want to be when your older, you’ll get there.

What were the lessons you learnt?


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