My Little Project- Update One- Thrash it Out

There is only so much blogging, cleaning and writing that person can do, so with the weather being horrendous and no work until Monday, I had to find something else to do with my time! It was for this reason that alongside my ambitious goals for the year, that I set myself my little 2014 project.

Although I have been thinking about my Dolls House for a few weeks now, the post I wrote was largely on the spur of the moment and I had not really put much thought in to the actual idea. Over the last boring few days however, I have!

This is a rough outline of my project and I look forward to sharing them with you all!

  • January- Research! Budget, theme, which room will be what, where can I get what I want, etc.
  • February- Design!  Exact pattern/furniture for each room.
  • March- Room One!
  • April- Room Two!
  • May- Room Three!
  • June- Room Four!
  • July- Room Five!
  • August- Room Six!
  • September- The details!

I will be seeing how this plan goes, and where applicable moving it around slightly! Please let me know what you think!

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