My favourite happy films


I’m so glad that January is almost over, it’s probably my least favourite month of the year and I don’t know about you but I find that the entire time just drags. It’s a long, dark, dull month but it’s also kind of anti-climatic after Christmas.

I tend to try and use January to set myself up for the year, I use it to start to work towards my goals and so far this January has been a pretty good one for me.

Anyway I find that a combination of lush bath bombs, hardwork and a few good films is the way to survive the January slump. A good movie can really cheer you up and these are my favourites.

The best exotic marigold hotel // There is just something about Dev Patel in this beautiful, heartwarming film and I can barely make it through ten minutes without laughing at him. It’s entirely unlike any other film that I love but it’s an absolute fave and it’s bound to leave you feeling all warm.

A walk to remember // I am a huge fan for Nicholas Sparks but even before I discovered his plethora of tear jerking films and books, I had fallen in love with this gorgeous story. I first bought this on video when I was a younger and it’s been one of my favourites ever since. I love the story but I also love the ending, it’s sad but really beautiful at the same time.

Wild Hogs // Sometimes it’s nice just to watch a film that makes you laugh, genuinely laugh out loud even if the plot is a little bit silly. I love this slapstick film, it’s so entertaining and incredibly funny. It’s one of my absolute faves.

The devil wars Parada // I love these kind of movies, the one’s that feature a high strung magazine and it’s less than perfect staff. This is a cult classic for a reason and it’s easy to watch and escape in to.

What are your happy films?

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