My Anxities

Hey everyone, how are you?

In the past I’ve defined mental illness, anxiety and depression and I’ve told you in detail about the problems I have had with mental illness, but I’ve never gone into any detail about the anxieties I have. So today I thought that’s exactly what I would do.

This week has been one of those weeks, my anxiety has been really bad and I have had to work really hard to stop my depression from setting in again. Although this has been hard for me, it’s also worked out quite well because it gives me the perfect opportunity to do an updated anxiety post.

Anxiety can sometimes me a massive problem for me, as it causes me to avoid certain situations and I therefore find that I end up missing out on things. As I have mentioned before, this proves to be a cycle because not getting involved only further “proves” your flawed beliefs and therefore makes it even harder to challenge them the next time around. So alongside this I am also writing an exposure series too.

Anxiety One!

Trigger situation- This one only applies when I am in a relationship, and is also one that I have briefly discussed here in the past. When I’m in a relationship my life just stops, I let the world pass me by and I become completely absorbed in the person I’m with. It means that when we are apart it can often feel as if my world has ended.

Thoughts- What if he’s not thinking about me? What if he is having more fun without me, than he does with me? What if he is with a girl he fancies? What if he loves her more? What if he wants to end it?

Reassurances- Checking phone constantly. Do nothing, has no interest in this. Keeps trying and calling the person.

Anxiety Two!

Trigger situation- No battery on phone or no signal.

Thoughts- What if something happens to my family? What if they need to get hold of me?

Reassurances­­­­- Find any way possible of getting hold of my family.

Anxiety Three!

Trigger situation- An event that I know is going to be filled with people who I think are superior.

Thoughts- What if I embarrass myself? What if it’s awkward? What if no one likes me?

Reassurance- None really, I avoid it.

So there you go! All has been revealed! I hope this helps someone in some way!

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