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I love a good list so when I was thinking about a nice, easy and relaxed post for today I decided that it was time to get list writing! So today we are talking my top 10 favourite films. I should add that these are not in any particular order and occasionally they do change!!

Pride // Anyone that knows me would have been more than disappointed had this not been included in my list, I’m nothing if not predictable but this film hits the right notes every single time. It’s stunningly made, beautiful and has the right measure of everything resulting to it being the best film ever made!

The Notebook // I’m a realist but I’m also an occasional idealist and romanticist so this film was definitely going to feature. It’s a tear-jerker, it’s a beautiful story and Sparks is one of my favourite authors of all time.

13 going on 30 // This is a film that I continuously find myself going back to but it’s an absolute classic. I love Jennifer Garner in this romantic comedy and she plays the part perfectly. It’s another film that has all the right ingredients and the end product is a beautiful film that leaves you wanting to watch it time and time again.

Devil Wears Parada // This film has become a bit of a cult classic hasn’t it but wow is Meryl Streep fab in this film. It’s a compelling watch and despite it’s tedious, frustrating nature it happens to be rather feel good to.

The Ides of March // I find the American political system to be incredibly interesting, it’s so much different from ours and seems a whole lot more complicated. It’s for that reason that I find this film to be literally fascinating and gripping and in a weird way glamourised. Plus it has Ryan Gosling playing a sexy special adviser so you know…..

Mamma Mia // Talk about a film that divides opinion but I sit firmly in the “I do not care if they can’t sing” camp because this film is pure awesomeness. It never fails to leave me feeling smiling because it’s so much fun, filled with heart-warming and funny moments. Plus it has Colin Firth so you know….

The Imitation Game // When it comes to history I am a little bit of a nerd, what can I say I absolutely love learning about the past and WWII is a particular interest of mine. However when it comes to Alan Turing I know next to nothing and was excited when I saw that they were making a film about his incredible war story. I love the film and genuinely believe that Turing is an unsung hero, someone that deserves more credit than he is ever going to get.

Pitch Perfect // Female-led films seem to be have quite the moment in mainstream media and this is something that Kay is delighted about (you know s*** is serious when I bring out my third person) and so obviously this film was going to feature. It’s incredible, it’s funny, fun loving and makes me want to audition for the X Factor. Now before you all start grabbing your passports I should point out that this will never happen, my shower crooning is far to powerful for anyone to hear because it always seems to move my family to tears. (Or it could be because my voice is soooo bad, either/or).

Divergent // This was the film that started my whole 50 book challenge because quite frankly the divergent world is fascinating. I watched the film and was in awe of the production team and director because it’s just so well done. Shock, horror I wasn’t so keen on the second but nonetheless the first instalment is probably one of my favourite films.

Fault in Our Stars // Sigh, another beautiful, tear inducing, funny when you feel it shouldn’t be, romance triumphing hum-dinger of a film. There are some parts that I really don’t like but I love the film overall and the actors chosen to play Gus, Hazel and Issac are spot on.

So there it is, it was actually a lot harder than I would have thought and there were some films  that I nearly but in but in the end they just didn’t cut it.

What are a few of your favourite films?


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