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As I mentioned in my review of the Model’s Own lip balm earlier this week, I went to the Clothes Show in December and while there I picked up one of the Model’s Own goody bags. The offer was probably the best one there because unlike the other stalls, where you had to buy the goody bag alone for £10, Model’s Own allowed you to buy three polishes for £10 and then get the bag free. I was a tad overwhelmed by the number of colours available, and randomly picked out three from the selection, not really taking any care or careful consideration. The goody bag also came with two polishes and I therefore ended up with quite a variety of both colour and consistencies! I therefore thought it might be a good idea to review these for you!

models own polish 8


Show stopper (limited edition) is a transparent polish that contains light blue, hexagon shaped pieces of glitter. It is definitely a winter/Christmassy polish, but it is really versatile and incredibly easy to wear! In the above picture I applied it alone, but I have also been wearing this on top of white paint too. I quite like this polish because it’s easy to apply and is pretty long lasting. The only negative for me is how hard it actually is to get off, because while the polish comes off easily, the glitter is a little bit tricky!

models own polish 6

Coral reef is a pretty red-toned pink and is a really pretty summer colour. I love this glossy, smooth finish on this polish and I can definitely see it being a “reach for” product in the coming months. However…it took a long time to dry and remained tacky for quite a few hours, which for someone as impatient as me is a massive issue, and that was just with one coat! It also chipped pretty easily, and while the formula has a really lovely gel-like look to it, it’s not particularly strong. I do love the colour and finish however, and overall I quite like it.

models own polish 5

Jack Frost. The second of three shimmer polishes that I seem to have ended up with, but this is perfect for creating a “signature finger”. Similarly to show stopper, Jack Frost is a transparent polish with micro-glitter and I must admit that I really like it! Once again it has a winter-like feel to it, but used on top of other polishes it looks beautifully pretty. This polish also took forever to try and I found myself having to repaint some sections numerous times! Once dried however, it was fairly smooth and tough, and lasted for a fairly long time.

models own polish 7models own polish 1

Amethyst. Amethyst is a really deep blue-toned purple, with silver micro-glitter and purple glitter. It’s incredibly buildable and is by far one of the longest lasting. However because of the glitter, it was incredibly rough to touch and on several occasions it caught on various things. Not my favourite.

models own polish 4

In the Navy. The name explains it all really but for me, this polish was more of an electric blue than a navy. It dried really hard, and I imagine that it’s pretty durable. I don’t think this is a particularly wearable colour, and I really don’t like it. It did however have a fairly nice finish.

Have you tried any of these?

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