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Despite the fact that they are staples in my daily beauty routine, I sometimes struggle with getting the right amount and mix of blush and bronzer. It can be really hard to get the balance right, ensuring that they set each other off and not compete against each other. As a result I sometimes only opt for one, yet done correctly they can give you a beautiful glow! So I was excited when I recently read about a new trend that is sweeping the beauty world.

It’s really quite a simple idea, but for some reason I had never thought of it myself, you mix your blush and bronzer together. While this is achievable with powder, simply sweep a layer of each along your cheeks and then blend together with a dot of your foundation and your foundation brush, it works a lot better with cream blushers and bronzers because it is far easier to get the right colour and consistency. For the purpose of this experiment I have chosen to mix my Bourjois bronzing primer and my Rimmel Stay Blushed in Sunkissed Cherry.


Using the back of an old make-up palette, I placed two spots of my cream bronzer and one small squeeze of the blusher, which I blended together using my finger. I gently dabbed my finger, with the mixed product, on to the apples of my cheeks and along my cheekbones. Lastly took my foundation brush (Real Technique’s Blending brush), which still had remnants of my foundation on it, and blended it outwards, swirling the brush in circular motions.

The mixture created the perfect light-bronzed-light-blushed look and gave a fresh and healthy result. It required little effort but added something a little bit different to my every day make-up routine, ans it ensured the balance of colour was perfect. I loved the natural glow that it give and will defiantly be incorporating this in to my day to day routine.


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