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Mistakes-Part Two- Hair and Beauty

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Last week I wrote a post and flimed video about the most commonly made make-up mistakes, as part of a series that I have split in to three parts. The second of which, and today’s post, is about the most commonly made hair and beauty mistakes! I have made many of these mistakes myself, and I have therefore included pictures where it is possible to do so!

Mistake One- Eyebrows Oh where to start, there are so many mistakes when it comes to eyebrows, and yes I am guilty of making them too!

  • Too dark-Yup, I recently got scolded for making my brows too dark by an aunt of mine, as she saw the above picture (one on the left), but in all honesty I had used photoshop to darken them. Nonetheless it is a mistake I am guilty of making and one that is easily corrected. Tip- If you have light eyebrows then you are better off using a powder, as these look lighter and gave a more natural look. Pencils are great, I love my L’Oreal one but you have to make sure you get the exact shade. You are better of going a little bit lighter than darker.
  • Too thin- EEEEK, this is one that I have made more often than I care to admit and I can bet some of you will have too. It’s easily done, you get a bit tweezer happy and tug on a few too many leaving you with a skinny worm of a brow. An example can be found in the above picture, a close-up is below. Tip- The obvious one is to get it done professionally because they know exactly what they are doing and understand the best way to frame your face, look at the two below because the one on the right has recently been done by MOI Beauty in Sheffield, and looks so much better. The beautician spent a log time ensuring it was measured up correctly, and I am not disappointed. Tip 2- If you do have to do it from home, then be sure to research the best technique and know exactly where you should be plucking from, perhaps invest in some of the shapers that you can pick up in BootsTip 3- Don’t pluck to close to the mirror!


Mistake two- Hair Care…

  • Conditioning! Many people apply their condition wrong, and up until recently I was guilty of this too but the solution is super simple. Your roots are your fresh, clean and are made of new grown hair and this therefore tends to be undamaged, but the tips require extra care. You should therefore only apply conditioner to the bottom half of your hair. Tip- Start from the top of ear and work your way down to the bottom, rubbing your hair between your hands to ensure that the tips are completely coated. Tip 2- If your roots are particularly in need of a pick-up then use one of the Aussie Hair Care 3 Minute Miracle conditioner. These are really expensive, but you can pick up one of the foil saschets as these shouldn’t be used very regularly anyway and the sachets cost £1.
  • Brushing while wet! It’s common sense that your hair is softer when it is wet but have you ever thought about the impact that brushing it while wet is having? Wet hair is easily broken and stretches and therefore running a brush through it can easily cause it to stretch and break. Tip- If like me, your hair is matted if you don’t brush it fresh out of the bath, then be sure to use this tip. Run a comb through your hair while you have your conditioner on it. This will have two HUGE benefits, because it will make brushing knots out even easier and will prevent unwanted damage!

Mistake Three- Skincare

  • Mosturiser! If you look after your skin than mosturiser will be a crucial step in your morning routine but if you, like me, are in a hurry in the morning, you probably don’t let it dry. If this is the case then you shouldn’t be surprised when your make-up slips off or doesn’t give you the coverage you desire. Tip- give your mosturiser at least 15 mins to really sink in to your skin, before you apply any make-up. Perhaps do it before you have your breakfast. Tip 2- Don’t forget to mosturise your neck!
  • Bathtime! This mistake is so easily made, and is even easier if you don’t have a set make-up removing routine. But DO NOT get in the bath with a fall face of make-up, because the warm water will open you pores and cause your make-up to sink in risking breakkouts. Instead remove ALL your make-up before getting in!

Mistake Four-Fake Tan!  Oh it’s a pesky little thing isn’t it, and let’s be fair, it is probably the one thing that unites us all because we have all made the dreaded fake tan mistake! It has been a long time since I used a fake tan, I have embraced my pale look and instead opted for a lightly tinted mosturiser. If you can’t abandon the bottle, then follow these tips!

  • Preperation! Yup this one is obvious but before you apply fake tan, make sure you have exfoliated and mosturised those problem areas…knees, elbows, heels, etc.
  • Use a glove! These are so cheap and save you getting dirty looking hands!
  • Error. If you have made a mistake and these tips are too late for you, there is a way you can correct it. Tip- Grab a lemon or lime, and juice it to get a bowl of citrus juice, then drink this straight….JOKES!! Take a white Muslin cloth or tissues, and dip the corner in to the juice and rub it on the required areas. Be careful with any cuts or grazes as it will sting, repeat this twice a day and continue until it has all gone.

Do you have any tips to add

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